Never been behind the wheel? We’ll start from scratch and go at your pace till you become the best driver you can be.

Already driving? Show us what you can do. Then we’ll get to work filling in the gaps.

From the nervous beginner to the experienced driver who wants to improve driving skills, Atlantic Driving School can provide the individualized instruction to fit your particular needs.

We know that adults learn differently than teenagers. Our instructors are very patient and understanding. By choosing Atlantic Driving School, you have chosen the best school to teach you the safe driving skills needed to not just pass the road test, but to become a confident, courteous, and safe driver.


Services Include:

  • Courses for Nervous Beginners

  • Brush-up Skill Courses

  • Re-Exam Lessons

  • Road-Test Service

  • Parallel Parking Made Easy

  • Free Pickup & Drop Off




$60.00 per hour, with a mininum of 2 hours per lesson.



These are lessons that are designed for adults who have individual needs. This may be as simple as practicing parallel parking and the basic maneuvers before the road test. It could be as complex as regaining confidence and redeveloping skills after years of not driving. Regardless, Atlantic Driving School has been helping the nervous or anxious driver. The cost of these lessons per hour is $60.00 with a minimum of two hours.


To book our services or get more information,

call us at (609) 597-0900

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