Road Test Services

Let us give you the confidence needed to pass your road test.

Premier Road Test Service: $230  
An intensive 2 hour review lesson on all the skills you have to demonstrate on the road test.  We will spend a lot of time on parallel parking.  This lesson is especially helpful if you didn’t take driving lessons with a driving school.  Use of our car to take your road test.  We will drive you back home afterwards.
Brush-Up Road Test Service: $185 
A one hour  lesson (60 minutes) scheduled on the same day as your road test to review basic driving skills, parallel parking, k-turns and reversing.  Last minute strategies for staying calm and focused. Use of our car to take the road test.  We will drive you back home afterwards. 
Car Rental for Road Test: $120 
We will pick you up at your home and drive you to the MVC road test site. You will use our car to take your road test. We will drive you home after the test.
Two Hour Road Test Lesson: $130
An intensive 2 hour review lesson on all the skills you need to demonstrate on the road test.  This lesson will be on a day prior to the day of the road test.
After the road test, we will drive you home and you will have to return to any MVC location for your photo at a later time
      What to bring to a road test :
  • Original birth certificate or passport (used to buy the permit).
  • Valid examination permit.
  • An accompanying licensed driver.
  • Red decals must be on both plates of vehicle used for road test.
  • A registered vehicle with current inspection sticker and insurance card.
  • Examiner must be able to reach either the foot brake or parking brake
  • Rental cars are only acceptable if the driver taking the test is included on the rental contract as an additional driver and is of contract age
  • Use of a driving school car is permitted
  • You may drive yourself to the testing area, as long as you are accompanied by a 21 year old or older NJ licensed driver. They must have their license for 3 years or more. If your licensed driver is licensed from another state other than NJ, they must drive the vehicle to the Road Test. Remember practice driving on the actual test course is prohibited.
  • Remember to NEVER move the vehicle unless a licensed driver is in the vehicle. When using your own vehicle for the road test, please be aware of the following: You cannot use a vehicle that has any type of console that would prevent the examiner from reaching the brake. This type of vehicle must have a hand brake in the center console. If it does not it cannot be used for the road test.
  • If you pass the road test, your permit is no longer valid. You must get your provisional license before you do any further driving. If you fail your test, you must wait at least 2 weeks before you can retake the test. You will be required to repeat all phases of the road test, not just the ones you failed.


To book our road test services or get more information,

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The vehicle cannot have a center

console unless the emergency brake

is accessible from the passenger seat.

Examiner MUST be able to reach either

the foot brake or parking brake.









RED DECALS must be on both plates

for vehicle used for road test of permit

drivers under age 21


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