Practice Written Test #2


1] Emotions can have a great effect on your driving, if you are angry or excited you should?

Answer: Give yourself time to cool off


2] A person may drive on public or private property to avoid a traffic sign or signal?

Answer: When directed to do so by a police officer


3] After driving through a deep puddle, you should immediately?

Answer: Test your brakes


4] When two roads intersect and there are no signs or signals, it is good practice to?

Answer: Be ready to stop if necessary


5] When driving around a curve, your car will to tend?

Answer: Keep going straight


6] To maintain a proper following distance when driving, you should stay at least?

Answer: 3 seconds behind the vehicle in front of you


7] A railroad crossing sign is?

Answer: Black and yellow (circle)


8] The meaning of a hand signal when a driver’s hand and arm are straight out signifies a?

Answer: Left turn


9] Double solid lines in the center of a two-way road means?

Answer: Traffic should not cross from either side


10] The meaning of a hand signal when a driver’s hand and arm is downward signifies?

Answer: Slow or stop


11] A yellow line down the center of the road indicates?

Answer: Separates traffic flow in opposite direction


12] When are roads most slippery?

Answer: During the first few minutes of rainfall


13] Studies show that the greatest number of people arrested for drunk driving have been drinking what type of alcohol?


Answer: Beer


14] If you drink beyond a BAC of .05%, the risk of you causing a motor vehicle accident doubles and, at 10%, the risk increases to?

Answer: Six times as great


15] You are, by law, presumed to be under the influence when the amount of alcohol in your blood or BAC has reached?

Answer: .08%