Our professional team of staff and instructors are dedicated to excellence, delivering on our promises and exceeding expectations.

All Atlantic Driving School are employees; no outside contractors

Carry NJ State Instructor's License

Completed State Approved Defensive Driving Program

FBI Federal and State background checks

No Felonies, No Convictions, Non-Smoking


Kelly Frischmann

Certified Instructor

Kelly teaches at Southern Regional.   He is head coach for Southern Regional Middle School's Wrestling team He is also a Challenger League Coach.  His focus and dedication make him an excellent instructor.


Malinda Fritz

Certified BI-LINGUAL Instructor

We are excited to welcome Malinda to our team. She is fluent in English and Spanish. She is the Spanish teacher in Southern Regional High School.  Her zest for live, her upbeat nature and genuine kindness makes her a favorite with parents and students alike.

Lisa Gibson (2).jpg

Lisa Gibson

Certified Instructor

Lisa takes patience and kindness to a whole new level.  She is incredible professional and competent, while showing the student kindness and empathy.  We are blessed that she has joined our team of instructors.

Jerry Guthlein.jpg

Jerry Guthlein

Certified Instructor

Jerry is a true gentleman and a great instructor. His very calm, relaxed personality puts his students at ease. He is patient, does not easily get flustered and is highly professional and knowledgeable. 


Lou-Ann K.

Certified Instructor

Lou-ann is a retired Yonkers City Police Officer. The road safety skills her career gave her are a huge asset to our driving school. She is a wife and mother, and loves instructing new drivers.


Paul Lovas

Certified Instructor

Paul is a teacher at Southern Regional High School.  He coached volleyball at Southern.  He is an avid skier and an all around family man. He personifies patience and kindness.


Marian McMahon 

Owner / Instructor

When Paul and I opened the driving school in 2005, we were passionate about developing safe, knowledgeable, defensive and independent drivers.

When you choose to come to us for your driver education needs, you will get the best service we can possibly give.  We are dedicated to putting the safest, most confident and well trained drivers onto the road. 

daniellee (2).jpg

Danielle S. 

Certified Instructor

Danielle specializes in Road Test Services. She has two teenagers of her own, hence she understands the concerns of parents with teenage drivers.

Craig Sackett.jpg

Craig Sackett

Certified Instructor

Craig has been instructor an with us since we opened our business in 2005.  His pride in his work, his patient manner and his experience on the road is immeasurable. 

Karen  Sheppard

Certified Instructor

As the mother of a newly licensed driver, Karen knows what a new driver needs. She always keeps a very positive attitude, keeps a very calm voice and she makes learning to drive easy.


Stacey Sweeney 

Certified Instructor

Proud mother of 3 teenage boys and an active member of  our community.

She has an amazing way of teaching the most nervous drivers that they CAN do it and helps them become confident, safe drivers.

pat walker (2).jpg

Pat Walker

Certified Instructor

Pat is a retired State Trooper. He now teaches at Southern Regional High School.  He coached for many years and is well respected in the community. He is happiest when he is passing on his great driving skills to new drivers.

tom2 (2).jpg

Tom Zellman

Certified Instructor

Tom is one of our most experienced instructors. He is a teacher at Southern Regional High School. He is also the father of a new teen driver, so he totally understands how to relate to teenagers.

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